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Verizon Access Manager - memory leak

Hi all,

I have noticed on two Windows 7 64-bit machines that the VZAM software, while connected to the 4G network, continuously increases its memory usage (RAM).  If I have it open for several hours, for example, I could have several hundred megs of RAM in use by VZAM, and I can watch it increase.  If I disconnect the service but leave the VZAM software running, the memory stops increasing.

I am on the latest version of VZAM, and have the latest firmware for my LG VL-600.  I have discussed the issue with support and was basically told there was nothing they could do to help!

Anyone seeing the same issue?



Re: Verizon Access Manager - memory leak


That is an interesting observation you made, sounds like a bug.  Are you reviewing the RAM used by VZAM in your Task Manager or some other utility?  A screenshot would help us understand what it is you are looking at.

Theres always the simple troubleshooting steps:

- Reinstall VZAM on one of the machines and monitor for differences

- Restart the VZAM service when the mem gets too high and observe

- Test installing the software and USB modem on a different OS / friends comp to compare, if possible

- Connect to 3G only and compare, if possible

- Reload one of the Win7 machines and compare, if possible

If there is a mem leak should we assume the performance of your computers slowly deteriorates overtime too?