Verizon Jetpack - Lack of Transparency

I am very frustrated with how I have acquired this Verizon Jetpack and the charges that come with it. I entered a Verizon store in Essex, VT about a month ago. My current phone was not working so I decided to upgrade as I wanted to try out Iphone anyways. When I selected my phone the sales person said that I get a free gift of a Verizon Jetpack that allows you to use Wi-Fi anywhere along with it. I thought that was pretty cool so I said sure why not. The sales person toggled through the screen pretty fast which was unnerving for me but I have never had issues before so I just let it go. When he asked me to sign the screen to finalize the order I asked him how much more my bill will be when all of this is processed. He told me that it would only be $20.00 more. Then he said that the Jetpacks were out of stock by the way so he would email it to me. When the Jetpack arrived I Googled it and found out that it uses your data. After seeing that I decided we would not use it and it has sat in my car in it's shipping box unused since the day it was received. I figured we would be ok since there was not charge for it as the sales person told me. I now get my bill a month later and I am being charged $80+ for that Jetpack that I had never used. Come to find out the Jetpack comes with an activation fee and other charges as well as a monthly fee and it has it's own line on your account. I want this line cancelled and the charges removed. I will gladly return this Jetpack that has not been and will never be used by this household. I would appreciate some assistance on this matter. As it stands right now, I am ready to just cancel all the lines on my account, lodge a formal complaint (with the Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam, Presidential Appeals, and the FCC), and switch to another provider because I am so offended with the lack of transparency and the sneaky way that this transaction was handled just so that salesperson could get a kickback/incentive from selling an ancillary service.

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hastings52510, We never want our customers to feel tricked into making a purchase. It's important that the terms & conditions are disclosed upon the customer signing the contract. We are here to help. If you no longer want your Jetpack, you must return it to the place of purchase.
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