Verizon Wireless & World Of Warcraft


This post will be posted in several areas of the internet to expose Verizon Wireless as a company that does not wish to play fair with their customers and is out to get money from every aspect possible and will even risk customer cancellation to get this job done.

World Of Warcraft in their attempts to fight account theft have implemented new security measures which effect verizon wireless customers without a static ip. Due to the nature of verizon's ip system bouncing from city to city to city users of the popular World Of Warcraft game who do not have a static ip address or an ip address that originates out of the same city every time will have to either A. Call Blizzard Daily to get their account unlocked or B. Purchase A Static IP address for the one time cost of $500.00 and they guarantee that you will never have this problem.

Due to the nature of this issue Verizon Wireless stands to lose a lot of money from customers who use Verizon Mobile Broadband as a way of connecting to World Of Warcraft and other blizzard games.

What do we as customers think about this.. I am actually on the phone right now with Verizon Wireless to cancel my service because I will find another company that will work with me to accomplish what I am looking to do.

Any other suggestions


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Re: Verizon Wireless & World Of Warcraft
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Lemme see.....Blizzard makes changes to their system and it is now Verizon's fault? Really?


Time to step away from the computer. Too much world of warcrack=bad.