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Verizon internet options

 I have my Verizon netbook and I also have a desktop PC that I have connected to ATT for internet.  I am tired of paying two seperate internet fees, and am thinking of changing my netbook line to a MIFI line and using that MIFI connection for both my netbook and my desktop.  Will this work?  Do you think that will cause my internet speends to be slower?  I am taking online college classes and can't afford to lose internet speed.  I currently am on the 5g plan; would it be wise to move up to the 10g plan if I will have two computers connected?


I have also been contemplating an IPHONE when my phone is due for an upgrade next month.  BUT I hate the thought of paying verizon ANOTHER $30 when I am already paying them $60 a month for 5g of internet on this netbook (that i never come close to using)   That would be almost $100 a month for internet service for two devices and is absolutely ridiculous.
If I went with an Iphone, would I be able to tether my Iphone to my netbook?  I thought if I did that, I could just pay the ETF for the netbook service and keep my ATT for the desktop and use my iphone for internet on my netbook as needed.


Any thoughts/suggestions/input appreciated.


Re: Verizon internet options

Hmm, you could change to MiFi for both devices, yes. As far as upgrading to the 10GB/mo plan - I would advise you look at your total usage for both desktop and netbook combined. If you don't use your 5GB as it is, it may be suitable just to stay where you are now.


Speeds - not sure, though I don't believe it would effect them TOO much. If you're downloading from one, and working on the other, I'm sure you'll notice some adverse effects. Otherwise - honestly not sure, someone else would have to answer that for you. You could try browsing on the site a bit, you should eventually get an invite to chat with a sales rep and they may be able to give you more info on the speeds.


As for the iPhone: Yes, it can be tethered - however, it's an addtional $20/mo for 2GB of bandwidth. That is in addition to the $29.99/mo for the unl. data package (required for smartphones). So, if you use more than 2GB bandwidth total each month, probably not what you need.


But, if you're looking to just get the iPhone - sure, the data package isn't cheap, but the iPhone is a good phone with alot of features, and I personally think it's easier to fit in your pocket than a netbook :smileyhappy:



Re: Verizon internet options
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The MiFi should be the same speed as your current Netbook because it's on the same 3G network. So, you should be able to decide how that compares to your current AT&T speed for your desktop. I suspect it will be significantly slower. It's also impossible for us to estimate how much data you will need because we don't know how much data you are using on your desktop. It could be a few GB or it could be 20 GB?? Also, how is your 3G signal reception where your desktop is located? Have you put your netbook at that location to test the 3G reception? It may be fine or it may be terrible. You are going to have to make a trade-off of portability (netbook and Mifi) versus speed (AT&T and desktop). Which is more important? It's a difficult decision for sure.