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Why are Alltel Customers Loosing Mobile Broadband Service?

I began using Alltel's mobile broadband aircard in 2008 before the dreaded merger.  I had speeds almost comparable to DSL.  Dial-up and Alltel is all that was available in my area.  Beginning in February of 2009, my service basically ended when Verizon began working on the cell towers in my area.  For weeks at a time, I had no service at all.  After dealing with customer service and going to the store, I finally got a one month's refund and a new aircard.  After each visit (about every two weeks), Alltel would download a new PRL to my card and it would work fine for a few days and then Verizon would change everything again.  Now after the merger is complete (at which point I was supposed to have service that was better than the original coverage), I find out Verizon actually took away coverage instead of keeping Alltel's broadband coverage range.  I'm now paying over $60 a month for what compares to dial up service.  The coverage area is now a mile from my home.  Is this a breach of contract since they changed the coverage area?  I'm still under contract, but since I purchased service from Alltel and not Verizon, I can't see how they can hold me to any contracts, especially when they can't deliver what I purchased. 


Does anyone have any idea why Verizon would cut coverage areas?  I know they believe mobile broadband isn't important.  Otherwise, there would be unlimited plans.  I need this to work, as I run a business from my home.  The only thing this merger has done for me is cut down on what I can make and take hard earned money from my wallet for extremely bad service.  Since I can't get any sense out of customer service, maybe a moderator or rep can reply here.  Thanks!

Re: Why are Alltel Customers Loosing Mobile Broadband Service?

To my  knowlege its not a matter of cutting out. Its a matter of bringing everything up to the same standard. As far as contract. If you do not have coverage then that is a contract you can break. You need to call customer care and have them send a tech out to check your area with a trougble ticket. Then if they cant fix they will let you out of your contract.


Re: Why are Alltel Customers Loosing Mobile Broadband Service?
In Marion Michigan, the service has gotten slightly better at least at this time. However this area is one where i belive verizon will trully use the alltel towers and not any of its own... As with any giant merger not all customers are going to be happy. I am currently waiting on a new verizon phone to test the service on the verizon end to see if there are any noticable differences.