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Windows 7 ip based hardwire network and wireless G to MIFI

I have a small network made up of four windows 7 computers each is a member of the hard wired network over a WNDR3700 Wireless N Netgear router - it also is an intelligent hub.  I am using Belkin Wireless G dongles to connect to the Verizon MIFI 2200.


So here is the question it seems I am unable to exist on both networks simultaneously or better stated with both devices enabled I am unable to browse the Internet or ping a host computer.  If I disable the Broadcom Ethernet card in the computer I am then able to connect to the Internet via the MIFI device. 


The hardwire network is a TCP/IP based network using DHCP and working in the range mask with - the MIFI is set at and assigns addresses via its DHCP properly from there.


It seems to me that there may be a way to change the pecking order for Internet calls, I just don't have a clue how to do it.



Re: Windows 7 ip based hardwire network and wireless G to MIFI

Did you ever find a solution to your problem?


I have a similar setup with 2 win7 PC and cannot connect with either one of them through the wirless connection.  Both computer show the wireless connection as being active, but neither can access the internet.  They both work in wired mode.


If you did find a solution please share it.





Re: Windows 7 ip based hardwire network and wireless G to MIFI

I'm not sure but the MIFI is designed to be connected to wirelessly from a device directly.  Seems that if you are using a router that is NOT 3G compatible you have signal bouncing around everywhere and that's part of your problem.  As far as the Ethernet goes, on Win 7 when the wireless is enabled, it cancels out the ethernet so they don't conflict.  In Win XP if you were connected one way, you would have to disable the other or you lose connection.


The MIFI allows 5 wireless connections, if you have to have 7 then maybe you could try to connect the remaining 2 to via Internet connection sharing in Win 7 and take the additional router out of the picture altogether. 


Are the Belkin adapters in the computers? If so, are these desktops with no wireless cap.?

Re: Windows 7 ip based hardwire network and wireless G to MIFI

I have the exact same problem here and I am searching and searching for an answer.  My Win7 machine sees the 4510L and connects to it, but I have no internet connection beyond that.  My machine works flawlessly on other WiFi connections and hardwired connections.  It's this 4510L that is giving me problems.

Can anyone help me out?

I'm not a happy camper at this point.