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Wireless Broadband USB Modem problems

When I first got my Verizon USB modem it worked great.  I could take it almost anywhere attached to my laptop and get reasonably fast internet connect.   However, it has started to slow down to the point it takes forever to sign on to some web pages and to navigate even within the Verizon Wireless page.  I get 1.5 bars on my cell phone (Verizon as well) in my home office where my laptop is. 


What is wrong with this modem?   It sometimes takes a full one to three minutes to access anything on the internet. At that rate, I could pay less and get dial up. 


Anyone have any suggestions? 

Re: Wireless Broadband USB Modem problems

You could do what I think is the best option. I am trying to trade my verizon cell and wireless card account for a box of postcards, a book of stamps, and a set of encyclopedias. I took me 12 minutes to get to this page just so I could write this sarcastic reply.  Add three minutes to that figure, the page just froze and reloaded - really.


My experience is the same as yours, and others who have posted on this site.  Not only do I have terrible connectivity problems and low signal strength, I have been charged for extreme overages the past two months and there is no-way I have used this **bleep** that much.


We need to organize a lawsuit and get relief from being charged for a service that Verizon cannot provide.

Re: Wireless Broadband USB Modem problems

Freddy....did Verizon actually make you pay those overages? 


I'd complain, refer them to this forum of all the issues, and have them take them off.


OF COURSE, if you have overages **EVERY** month, that might be a diff issue.


One month they took mine off. said I used 1.86GB over.  NO WAY!