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Xbox live and Verizon usage.

Alright, i used 400mb of my 5.6k usage, i used the 400mb downloading the xbox live i think but i also played so i do not know exactly what percentage used playing live and what percent was used to down load the one time only download for when you first get xbox live. Does playing online and messaging and stuff while im playing online run up my memory on my USB drive modem?? Or does it act as just being on the internet and not disrupt the usage that much.

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Re: Xbox live and Verizon usage.

On-line gaming, streaming videos, and large attachments are the examples of high data usage. Online gaming does use a large amount of data, especially when you are doing any of the following in addition to online game play:

streaming videos
downloading demo’s
downloading expansion packs
uploading videos

If you are going to be using the device to play online games, stream videos, etc. I would recommend checking your data usage frequently. Below are some options of checking your data usage.

  • VZAM tethered (see the VZAM Usage Tab)
  • My Verizon (Log in at
  • VZW IVR – use the Mobile Broadband MTN to check data usage
Re: Xbox live and Verizon usage.

I'm not a heavy web user by any means. I check facebook and only play 1 game on there! I check my e-mail weekly and surf craigslist etc... that's pretty much it. I don't download any music, movies, etc.. and last month I went over the allowance. I'm close to the allowance every month!!  Keep close tabs on how much you use- any combination of gaming and surfing could be disasterous..

Re: Xbox live and Verizon usage.
Actually, LIVE uses little data, per se. After installation, just gaming takes up, after 2 hours of gaming, around 40mb. Alot less than other things.