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frustrating issues speeds at 320k Verizon 4510L 3G

I upgraded from the USB760 modem to the 4510L about 10 days ago both verizon, speeds where the same about 1mb+ switching over and everything was smooth as silk till about 4 days ago then suddenly the speeds hoover at or below 320k down 3G area, 4G wont be in this Area of Cali (mojave desert till mid 2015 according to a tech) which is a waste of you ask me, Tmobile is already poping in 4G here and verizon dominates the high desert **bleep** lol.


Anyway, I have reset the modem to defaults, i did a clean install of the whole motherboard chipset, updated and optimized my NIC's both wired and wireless, did tons of speed tests and relocated my wireless antennas to get 99% signal modem is 5 feet away, I even connected my wireless G & N NICs to my home wireless and pulling 1.5mbs down and I even connected to a unsecured wireless across the street pulling 7.2mb down 2.2mb up so i no its not my PC in anyway so far not ruling it out though.


its really frustrating me and for no reason what so ever it just dies out to speeds that are so slow i really want  to toss it in the trash and never pain a cent. I am temped to revert back to my usb760 since i have a 30 day return if I don't like it and I am heading that way fast, so what it going on?

Re: frustrating issues speeds at 320k Verizon 4510L 3G



It sounds like you have tried a few of the resets already.  One thing that you did not mention is Resetting the SIM card underneath the battery.


To reset the SIM card:
1. Power down the MiFi

2. Remove the back cover

3. Remove the battery

4. Remove the SIM card

5. Allow the device to sit for 30-60 seconds

6. Re-assemble the MiFi

7. Power on and test your connection


If these steps do not help then the next step is to look at the diagnostics page and check the signal strength that the device is reporting.  If your signal strength is outside of a certain range it may explain the slow speeds you have reported.

Re: frustrating issues speeds at 320k Verizon 4510L 3G

Thanks for the response, I just tried the SIM card and its slower even more now, seems that each day passing it gets slower and slower, tomorrow I am going to fire up my old Windows XP machine and see if I get the same results and then i will take it back to the Verizon store and maybe they can tell me what's wrong if its actually an issue with the unit.


Tomorrow will be the decision if its worth staying with Verizon or tossing the unit, at 168k down for $50 bucks a month isn't worth the effort to even use it. So I will post back here tomorrow with an update, below is my current speed as i am typing this, I am not in L.A. i am about 2 hours from it in the High Desert about 90 miles and just last week was pulling about 1mb to 1.2mb then basically over nite its less then 1/4 the speeds.



Re: frustrating issues speeds at 320k Verizon 4510L 3G (update)

Its been a couple days some speed improvements and some not so good,  I went to verizon personally the same place i got the unit I explained my issues in detail and before i could finish what i started talking about they (two people) said ...



oh its your laptop and you need to bring that in..... 



uhm its not a laptop its a PC (which i was trying to explain before i got cutoff)...



but you have to bring that in....



ok, its slower then dialup speeds...



Is there a closer store to where you live?



Yes Apple Valley CA....



You can take it there...



ok, ill (try) there then...


Funny how They wouldn't even take the unit from my hand and check the speeds with a world wide web item sitting in the store which is what one of the sales reps connected the very day i purchased it to make sure it worked, talk about getting the run around and being kicked to the curb. All i wanted was to get the unit checked out, and now reading the forums its defiantly noy my PC since every other post is about the same unit which issues.


here is the System Log....

System Log> HTML Version 25.
10/16/11 06:12:40pm> Current Time
10/16/11 06:12:33pm> HDR/EvDO Connection Failed
10/16/11 06:12:28pm> HDR/EvDO Connection Failed
10/16/11 06:11:50pm> HDR/EvDO Connection Failed
10/16/11 06:11:11pm> HDR/EvDO Connection Failed
10/16/11 06:11:09pm> [DHCP] Assign IP 00:1F:1F:4B:BE:62
10/16/11 05:57:15pm> HDR/EvDO Connection Failed
10/16/11 05:57:06pm> HDR/EvDO Connection Failed
10/16/11 05:56:47pm> NWPM_EVENT_CALL_END
10/16/11 05:56:47pm> HDR/EvDO Disconnected
10/16/11 05:56:47pm> [RUIAUTO] Invalid packet state
10/16/11 05:56:36pm> CDMA/1xRTT in Dormant State
10/16/11 05:55:58pm> NWPM_EVENT_CALL_CONNECTED
10/16/11 05:55:58pm> CDMA/1xRTT Connected
10/16/11 05:55:43pm> HDR/EvDO Connection Failed
10/16/11 05:55:36pm> CDMA/1xRTT Connection Failed
10/16/11 05:55:22pm> NWPM_EVENT_CALL_END
10/16/11 05:55:22pm> HDR/EvDO Disconnected
10/16/11 05:55:22pm> [RUIAUTO] Invalid packet state
10/16/11 05:55:12pm> NWPM_EVENT_CALL_CONNECTED
10/16/11 05:55:12pm> HDR/EvDO Connected
10/16/11 05:54:49pm> HDR/EvDO Connection Failed
10/16/11 05:54:48pm> [DHCP] Assign IP 00:1F:1F:4B:BE:62
10/16/11 05:54:10pm> NWPM_EVENT_WALL_CHG_CONNECTED
10/16/11 05:52:54pm> SIM Ready
10/16/11 05:52:54pm> Start AP with battery
10/16/11 05:52:54pm> NWPM_EVENT_MODE_ONLINE
10/16/11 05:52:54pm> NWPM_EVENT_SIM_READY


Re: frustrating issues speeds at 320k Verizon 4510L 3G (update)



I think the Store Reps could have handled your situation better then they did.  They may not have been prepared to troubleshoot the connection problem at that place and time.  At the very least they could have confirmed that the MiFi was performing normally with thier own computers before sending you on your way.


After reviewing your logs it appears that your MiFi is connecting and is the most comfortable at 1x speeds.  That may explain why your internet connection has been so poor.  Perhaps Verizon's network is not as strong in your area as you were lead to believe.  I'd be willing to be that if you had a laptop you could find better service and speeds in a different area.  Had you brought your comptuer and MiFi to the store you might not have been able to reproduce the issue.  You could try an antenna or booster kit  to improve your reception and keep you on atleast a 3G signal.


Instead of bringing in the computer and MiFi to a store I suggest contacting Verizon Tech support through the 1-800 numbter.  That way you can leave your equiptment in the same enviornment which it is having the issue. 


I also noticed that your log displayed the RUIAuto error message.  Another user posted a similar log and his current resolution was to have his MiFi replaced under warranty.  See this thread for more details: