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mifi 4510L

i recently purchased a house out in the country and found out that i wasnt able to get dsl unlike i was told before i bought it (from

so then started my search for an home internet replacement, i have a driodx and tried out the mobile hotspot and found the internet speeds to be OK. my area is a 3G area and i pretty much get full tower anywhere in the house on it, however the only thing lacking is the limit on the $20 add on.

so i went to my local verizon store and picked up a mifi 4510L, thinking that it would perform just as well if not better...


however so far i found this not to be the case, the mifi doesnt seem to be getting as good as signal that my X did, the speeds are alittle slower also. i also get disconnected randomly from the mifi where as the X, it would only happen once in a great while if i had the phone on the other side of the house. i noticed playing games like cs/cod2 on my pc that im getting large lag spikes but alittle better pings when im not spiking, the droidX was more consistant (higher ping) but no spiking...


im wondering if theres anything i can do to get rid of the spiking and drops, maybe something i can do to boost the signal, like a signel extender or w/e its called...


i came off 15mb timewaner so jumping to this slow of a speed is kinda a shock to the system you could say, i dont really play that much but once in awhile i like to jump on and kill a few things and surf the net.



Re: mifi 4510L



The performance that you recieve with your MiFi 4510 is always going to be limited by the service in your area.


That being said there isnt really a whole lot you can do to influence the behavior of your device besides resetting it.  There are three levels of resets that I have picked up from the forums:

1) Power Cycle the device

2) Power Cycle + Remove Sim + Remove Battery

3) Restore the defaults via the Reset button next to the battery


Depending on the severity and consistency of your lags and spikes you might want to try each of them out.  There are some other little tweaks you can try as well if those resets are not working for you, although they appear to have a smaller success ratio.

Re: mifi 4510L

You can add an external antenna to the MiFi (you need the adapter plus the antenna).  In my very limited experience, it adds about one bar to the coverage.


I got the suction cup antenna and additional adapter cable through Verizon.  Don't let inexperienced tech support tell you otherwise -- you need both the adapter cable specific to the 4510L and the separate antenna.