mifi2200/delldim4400 xp/sp3 pc hangs at end of driver loading

When I try to upload Access Manager from the device thru the usb port, it works to the point where it appears the generic broadbrand drivers have been installed and the whole system hangs. The mouse pointer will move for a little while, then that freezes up also and the only thing that works is to unplug the machine. I can't even get it to turn off. Occasionally, the installation will complete, but it skips the installation of the drivers. I have managed to get the 7.2 version of vzam installed several times, but no drivers. Consequently it won't recognize the modem part of the device. It only recognizes the device as additional storage. Additionally, after I reboot, the Generic Broadband Drivers show up in the programs listing and appear to be fine. But the attempt load to vzam wipes them out and ends in one of the two situations I described above. Suggestions?

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Re: mifi2200/delldim4400 xp/sp3 pc hangs at end of driver loading
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Have you tried to completely uninstall the software and start the install from the VZAM download?  Also, do you have admin rights to install this?  Might seem like a dumb question but could cause a hiccup.