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tethering and plan question

I currently have a blackberry with the 29.99 data plan and and looking into tethering it to my laptop

My question is this

I understand that I am limited to 5 GB with the data package that I am paying for each month on my Blackberry

If I tether, is the data used while tethering within the same 5GB or is there a seperated 5 GB available to me for tethering?

Also since I am paying the 29.99 data with a nationwide loyalty Family share plan the extra cost to tether would be another $30 right?


Re: tethering and plan question

If you're paying $29.99 for your Blackberry Email & Web plan then the tethering would be an additional $30. Since they're each a seperate price the usage and allowance are also seperate. Your $29.99 data plan for the device is truly unlimited, there is no cap for data usage directly on the device. Tethering is where you're limited to 5GB/month but the usage is only for tethering. Any data usage you do directly on your device will not count against your 5GB for tethering.


In your MyVerizon account it will break down the usage for you between your normal data and your tethering so you can keep good track of it.

Re: tethering and plan question

I have the same plan as select family 700 and two of us have a $29.99 data plan for our blackberries. I know this has been answered before but I wasn't clear on whether we had to pay an additional $30 to tether?