usb 760

I  just set up a new computer and  connected my usb 760 to a cradle point 900 router. It works great but now I have no access to the VZ manager status box. In the past I had the 760 plugged directley into my old computer and it showed an Icon on the desk top for the vzaccess manager that allowed me to check usage and determine if I was connected or not. Anyone have a solution?.


Re: usb 760
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You should install the software from the device onto your computer.  You can then download the updates, view your usage, etc.


Disconnect from the VZAccess Manager then close it.  Remove the device from your computer and place in the router.


There is no way to view the usage while using it in the router, the VZAccess Manager is only available directly connected to the computer.  You can however, use the VZAccess Manager for your WIFI control to the router, still no software use.


Cradlepoint has included new features for some of their routers that are compatible with some of the devices where you can log into the interface of the router (The Admin Page, in your web browser type in or whatever it is in the address bar) and view your RSSI (signal) and added features such as activation and all sorts of new goodies.  Check your router out on the site and see if it is included in the list and download the firmware.


You may be able google a third party usage meter to download and use through the router, but doubtful.


It is also recommended to connect the device into your computer and connect with the software at least once a month for updates to the service, network locations and the like into the device.


The routers notification in the system status tray (bottom right) should also tell you if the modem is not connected.


Hope this helps you a little.