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what's the difference between it and wi-fi? and also, I'm not trying to be dumb or anything, but, how much is 5gb on internet browsing? I'm thinking about getting the USB data thing for my laptop, and I am dumb-founded about the internet usage on the 5gb stuff. Also, if this will help any, I surf quite a lot on the internet. and since the plan is free here where I live, I surf day and night, for hours throughout the month. but, i want something that I can pay for so that way it will be on all the time. and have a connection as long as I pay for it. so, i am wondering if this would be a good idea for me to get since the fact that I surf the internet through my laptop constintly. more less, I surf the internet all day and all night, throughout the month.


how does the 5gb data work? how much is that monthly on the hours of surfing? As i said earlier, i surf the internet for hours throughout the month. it's something for me to think about if I want to get this deal with the usb device. i don't want to get something that is going to eat my D@mn pockets up if i surf the internet on it hours and hours. so, I want to find out first just how this data crap works, and to see if it would benefit me.


any help would be advised. and I hope that I can get some freaking answers. This is so confusing!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Re: wireless broadband internet access
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First of all, cool it with the foul language.  Verizon wireless broadband is an internet connection using Verizon cell phone technology.  Wifi is how you would connect wirelessly to your own router or to a router at Starbucks or McDonalds or a hotel, etc.  Those routers are connected to the internet through cable or DSL or some other wired internet connection.


Verizon wireless is best for use when you travel away from home and need internet access.  At home, you are much better off to use cable or DSL if it's available.  5GB is OK for modest use, but from your description of your needs, it would not come close.