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17 months of pure run around!!

I've been a loyal Verizon Wireless customer since the mid-1990s.  I never had any issues except with poor signals back in the clamshell phone days.  I purchased the Droid when it first came out and for the first time I could sit at my desk in my home office and make and receive calls while looking up information for my clients.  Never a dropped call, crystal clear, no problems.  Then, in December, 2010, it was like someone hit a switch.  My call quality went to hell.  Dropped calls, no signal, sporadic audible notifications, voicemails were left but because I didn't receive a notification, I didn't realize it.  Many times a call will come in and it doesn't even ring.

So, I started with tech support.  One tech said my phone was old and I needed to buy a new one and was pushing something I didn't want.  I finally told him I was holding out for the Droid Bionic as I felt it would be the best fit for my needs.  He told me that phone was dead and would never be available to be sold.  When the Bionic was released I bought it early on my upgrade plan (paying VZ more, of course) because I was so desperate to get good service.  New phone, same old crappy service.  Then, they tried to get me to give them another $200.00 more for a network extender.  I refused because their answer is for me to always give them more money.  All I wanted was the service I once had.

I have had multiple tickets opened and closed and finally they sent me a network extender for free.  I hooked it up and things were OK for a while but the QOS was starting to degrade again.  Now, mind you the phone was in 4G on the network extender and even though it was better, it was not the same quality I once had.  So, when I called again I was told they had to send a new PRL to my phone.  That was done, but the phone no longer connected to the network extender and I could not make or recieve calls without it.  So, I called again and was told I need a new sim card so that it would connect.  Got the new sim card, it still would not connect.  I called again.  And every tech I have spoken to I've requested to get my original QOS back without having to use a network extender.  So, now I'm told that I have to drop the phone back to 3G because the network extender is not compatible with 4G.  Huh? It was working on 4G when I first got it.  So, let's get this straight.  I'm in a full service 4G area but I can't use it?  My phone has been completely inoperable for one week now.  No one can hear me on both incoming or outgoing calls.  Last Friday, the tech tells me there is nothing more he can do and someone from Verizon Fios has to fix the modem settings, then sends me a no reply text that the ticket is closed because the issue has been resolved.  Uh, I still can't make calls on either 3G or 4G or any frigin G!  My apps have stopped working properly, including my security app.  I have a paperweight.  Last Friday afternoon I was able to contact corporate who said I would hear back from them in about 48 hours.  In the mean time my current bill was posted on my account.  Per a tech from a week ago who told me he was going to give me a full one month credit because VZ had not provided me with quality service.  However, the bill was for $78.00.  Called billing and they can't figure out how that figure was calculated or what I'm paying for.  This is good accounting?  I told billing I had no problems paying for the tablet portion of the bill but wanted the cell phone portion credited.  She "can't" do that.  Then explain how this figure was arrived at?  "I don't know."  But she transferred me to a tech who could do nothing but say "I'm sorry" then transferred me to another tech who messed with my modem, then told me he was not allowed to walk me through any setting changes on the modem (gee it says Verizon on the modem) and I have to call the modem manufacturer to do that.  I call the number he gave me and the rep asked for my Verizon employee ID#.  Uh?  I explained to him the situation and he tells me he's sorry but he cannot give direct support because the VZ tech was to have called him and put him on the line with me!  I thanked him and hung up in disgust.  I did not bother calling tech support back because at this point I don't want to talk to any more VZ techs.  Today I heard from executive office who tells me he'll get tech support to contact the modem manufacturer to get that part resolved.  So I told him, running my phone on 3G through the network extender is putting a band aid on the problem and you'll hope I go away.  Why can't I have my 4G excellent QOS back that I had 17 months ago?  He explained to me that sometimes they have to direct their signals to take care of a majority of their customers and when that happens some customers get a lesser quality signal!!  So, Verizon, I'm paying you for a 4G phone and 4G service and you can't give it to me????  Not only have I been lied to multiple times, but the lack of concern on VZ for a long time customer, or for that matter, any customer is just incredible to me.  I've been self employed for over 25 years and have clients today that started with me over 25 years ago.  Why?  Because I treat them with respect and I don't put a band aid on their problems, I fix them!!  Verizon, this is breach of contract and if this does not get resolved to MY (the customer) satisfaction, not to YOUR satisfaction by blowing me off with lesser service than what I'm paying for, then I will have no other choice but to make this more public than just this forum and if embarrassing you publicly doesn't work then I'll speak with my attorney.  Oh, btw, I use the phone for business as well, do I need to even say the affect this is having on my business.  Every day I spend half the day battling with VZ.  Enough already, take care of the customer properly.

Re: 17 months of pure hell!
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