4G works, but no 3G? Also screeching sounds during calls?

My Charge is acting up again. I had always attributed my recent 4G and 3G problems to the network outages last month, but yesterday a new wrinkle developed. I know I can access 4G just fine when I'm in my car or out in most areas around town, but I have never been able to get anything but 3G in my house or my work (probably something to do with the construction of the buildings). Yesterday, I lost my 3G connection at home but 4G works fine when I'm out and about. I figured I would give it 24 hours but its doing the same thing today. I cannot get the phone to switch to 3G at all. Its either 4G or nothing. I can get 4G at home and work when I stand near exterior doors and some windows, but I lose all data once I leave that area. Is the 3G ntework down or is this an issue with the 4G SIM card and network again?

MY second questions is something that has been happening for several month from time to time but has gotten really bad recently. During phone calls, I can hear loud high pitch screeches and popping noises. I don't know if its 100% related, but they seem to occur almost every time I move the phone during a call and the screen illuminates. Sometimes, the person I am talking will say that my voice is becoming distorted, almost digitized. I hang up and call again and it seems to go away, but I still get the popping and screeching sounds from time to time. This has been going on long before the recent network outages, but like I said, it just got really bad recently.

I have tried removing recent apps, restarting the phone, pulling the battery, everything but a factory reset as I need to go through the phone and make sure I don't lose all my apps and play lists for my music. BTW, anyone know if you can move all your apps to the SD card as well as music playlists created on the default Music player that comes with the phone?

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@ut_icedragon Thanks for posting. Using my data connection is the primary use of my phone. So I understand how important it is to be able to fluctuate between 3g/4g.  When you are experiencing the inability to switch networks, does this happen from 4g to wifi? Do have any signal issues with voice calls? Have you tried to disable/enable airplane mode?

I also want to address the call issues that you are having. When you are experiencing the “high pitch screeches, popping noises, and distorted/digitized voice” are you having this challenge using a Bluetooth headset? If so, have you tried unpairing and using the phone without the Bluetooth? If you are not using a headset then it seems like this would be a software issue. The best way to address the software problems would be to do a master reset.  Here are the following steps to perform the master reset:

From the main screen, touch menu tab
Touch Settings
Touch Privacy
Touch Factory Data reset
Touch Reset Phone
Touch Erase Everything

Before you reset your phone, I would make sure you back up your contacts and calendar info to Google. You can follow these steps:

From the main screen, touch menu tab

Touch Settings

Touch Accounts & Sync

Touch Gmail Account

Touch Sync Contacts, Calendar, etc.

Touch Sync now.

To back up your apps you can download a third party app that does that for you. I would recommend: https://market.android.com/details?id=mobi.infolife.appbackup&hl=en

This is a very customizable app that will help you with backing up and restoring your phone and specifically apps.

Also if you search the Market you can also find other music apps that will assist with your playlists. Here is the link for the market: https://market.android.com/

I hope this information helped. Thank you.


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I just got a Samsung Stratosphere 4G 1 week ago. I love this phone BUT I have had the same problem of “high pitch screeches, popping noises, and distorted/digitized voice” when I call my Mom (I call Mom a lot). I never
had this problem with my old phone.  Mom only experiences the screeking noise when I call her or she calls me from her
cell phone.  Mom speaks with lots of people on her cell phone and she says our connection is the only one that
screeches.  The problem disappears if I call her on her landline.  


I have called Verizon twice about this issue and their advice was to have Mom update her phone which she did by calling *228, but this did not help the issue.

Mom has updated her software and I have made sure I am up to
date. I have tried to call mom using my Bluetooth and also disabling Bluetooth –
still screekes

I also tried to adjust the volume;

  From the Home screen, press the Menu Key, then touch Settings Sound settings Volume.


The only thing that helps is to shut down and restart my phone. This works for a while. I really think it is a network issue. I really do not want to do a factory data reset because I just got the phone a week ago and I have always
had the problem.


Mom uses a simple Verizon Samsung flip phone which is 2 years old.


Other people I call sound great - but eventually I will come across this issue when I call someone with a phone similar to moms.