An awful experience overlooked by a great one.
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My battery had started to experience major problems, such as random reboots, extreme heat problems and extremely short battery life.


I had purchased the Incredible in March of 2011 after a less than pleasant experience with several LG Ally's..I asked and was granted an early upgrade on another line.(You will see why I mentioned this Later)


I called in to tech support and explained my situation and he said "In a normal case, I would offer you a warranty replacement for the battery, but since you are not under warranty, all you can do is go into a corporate store and purchase a new one." I explained to him (after he rudely interrupted me several times) that that was impossible. One year from March 2011 is March 2012...he kept telling me that I wasn't under warranty and couldn't find the information. After 20 or so minutes of talking to this jerk, I demanded a supervisor/manager. I talked to him very briefly about the situation and he immediately seemed more willing to help me. He looked up the same information the previous one said was already done, but "miraculously" found it in a timely manner. Since the phone reached it's EOL a while ago, there were no more batteries in stock, so he credited my account $20, enough for me to buy 2 extended slim fit batteries.


In conclusion, that jerk should be fired, and the manager deserves a raise.

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I would say you Need to do Fr Factory Reset Especially if you've never performed one there easy to do.  An they are on the post Just search for  Droid Incredible Factory Reset an it should pop up fo ya 


If however this is not what you want to do your self it can be done at the Corp store in your Area. Also Teck services Can go thru a Fr with you Tell them you'd like to do a Fr an would like some Assistance Doing it.  ( You'll need to use a Different phone other than your's when doing a Fr )


To get to Teck services Call Verizon then Enter your No. when prompted then hit > option  3 Once in teck Services it'll ask what you want to do with your HTC Hit Zero to get to a Teck specialist an they then can help you. 


Here's a few places that might Have The battery your Looking For:  by the just let you know i've got an Incredible as well.  Have a Happy Thanks Giving  B33