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Annoying issues with X2

The most annoying thing I deal with on my X2 is when incoming calls go straight to voicemail for no reason.  The only thing that seems to fix this issue is rebooting the phone, which I have to do every couple of days.

Second most annoying issue is when none of the buttons respond to being touched, then the phone mysteriously reboots itself.

Third annoying issue is when the screen does not respond when you're trying to scroll through the pages.  It just seems to be working in slow motion.

From most of the posts I've read, the blame is being placed on rogue apps (since I do have the latest software version).  I do have some apps on my phone, but not a lot by any means.  Still, I cannot swear that this is not the problem, and I do not want to fool with uninstalling the apps to prove or disprove this theory.  Currently, the annoyance does not outweigh the effort required to investigate further.  Like most users, I'll just deal with it until I can (or am forced to) get another phone.

Are problems less frequent with Samsung phones, or is this type of thing common for all Smartphones regardless of brand?  This is my first Smartphone, and I love the capabilities.

Re: Annoying issues with X2
Customer Support

Hi gge4ver!

I totally understand not wanting to remove apps or complete a hard reset as the first step to resolve this concern! What I do recommend is enabling safe mode (steps: Its an easy steps that disables the apps without removing them. If the issues stops, you can conclude its related to an app, if it doesn't stop, its likely a hardware/software concern. Give that a try and keep me posted!

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