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Another push email problem

 Same problem others are having with push email.  Sometimes it automatically checks, others not.  It seems that once the phone goes to sleep mode, the data service is turned off?  I have it set to fetch every 15 min if data is off, but that hasn't helped.  I have to go to the message screen and press each individual mail service (I use my account) in order for it to sync and retrieve mail.  Maybe I am spoiled after using Blackberry for email service.  I hope this is just a software issue and can be fixed easily.  I am a business user that needs to respond to emails as soon as they come in - if not fixed, my Blackberry will get revived.

  If anyone finds a solution for this, please post!  Thanks!

Re: Another push email problem

My Exchange email is working better than it did with my previous Windows  phone lol.  I know if you change the power settings to performance mode, it will keep your connection active.