Arranging priority of applications running on phone

I'm not sure it's the app, but lately I would have Slacker Radio running in the background and switch over to a game (Bubbles, if you must know, LOL).  And if I don't go back to Slacker after a certain time period, the music will just stop.  I'll switch back to Slacker, it will look like it's going to open, but goes back to home screen.  The music resumes playing, but I can't get back to where I can control it.  The only fix is to reboot the entire phone.


Also, if I have a web browser window running, I switch to something else, go back into the browser, and instead of having the previous site(s) up, *POOF* I'll be back at Google.  


Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't "multitasking" mean running multiple things at once, not having the phone decide what applications to kill.  Is there a way to set applications to stay running w/out exception?  (Priorities would include Slacker & Browser).  I know it's not a PC, but still, I bought the Droid b/c of the multitasking capability & find it incredibly frustrating that I have to constantly reboot my phone to make things work.  


(P.S., this is my 3rd Droid 1 replacement, has happened on the previous two.  This one also has a proximity sensor problem too.  If I make or receive a call, the screen goes black, and the only way to "unlock" it so I can use keypad/functions while on call is to slide open keyboard.  And after the call ends, the screen WILL NOT turn back on, unless I hold sensor up to a very bright incandescent light or do a battery pull.....not sure if it's related to memory allocation issues or if it's a "known issue" with the Droid that VZW won't do anything to fix other than send me out a "like-new" Droid (with same sets of issues).

Re: Arranging priority of applications running on phone
You are right the phones are not a PC, But it sounds like you have big problems.
Try going to your local store and show the CSR what is happening, if the offer a replacement insist on new phone.
Re: Arranging priority of applications running on phone
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I have provided some information below that may help.


Step 1 – Try resetting the applications data

***Please note, this will put the application back to its defaults settings


Step 2 – Try putting the device into Safe mode and test the issue.

***Safe mode is a method that allows the device to run without non-essential applications. This is beneficial for troubleshooting 3rd party applications.


Step 3 – Try soft resetting the device (instruction below)

-Power the device off

-Pull the battery out of the device for 20 seconds.

-Place the battery back in

-Power the device back on


Step 4 – Complete a hard reset

***Performing a hard reset will remove ALL data including the Google account, system data, application data, application settings, and downloaded applications. Only perform this reset if absolutely necessary. After a hard reset has been performed, initial setup may need to be performed.