BIONIC Questions

I just got the BIONIC, prior Blackberry user.


I have tons of questions and have done some search on Google, but that seems ot be a bit overwhelming.


So trying my luck here ...

1- I want to add appointments to my Bionic but when invites are sent to one of my accounts (yahoo email address) it just looks like a regular email with no ability to accept the invite.  How do I accept invitations?


2 - How long does it take to fully charge the phone?  I have had it plugged in since i got it and it still is not 100% as yet.

Admittedlt, I was using the car charger and home charger from my blackberry (which I was told could be used and that i didn't need to purchase new charges). 


3 - what do all the icons across the top of the phone indicate, email -> postage note, check mark -> missed calls, next to the time there is a another box with a checkmark within ->?


4 - How do you get a icon to run and be visible, ie: weather bug.. I have seen where you can change the a different screen or on the home screen and have the weather information be prominently dispayed.


5 - How do i setup notifications that differ for each account (email address)?


That's what I have for now, If anyone could provide some assistance - I would really appreciate it.



Re: BIONIC Questions
i add appointments in google calendar.

not sure about yahoo.

i charge my droid x off, with it's wall battery charger for 3 hours.

i use accuwx.