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Backup Assistant fails during set time

I have my Back Up Assistant to sync between 12am-6am.  About a month ago I noticed every morning I have a "failed" notification on my home screen so I have to manually update it.  Anyone else having this issue and do I need to do an upgrade on my Droid 2? It's very frustrating.

Re: Backup Assistant fails during set time
Customer Support

Hi Cathlene!

I know its frustrating to have a reliable service like Backup Assistant fail for you! Are you aware if is any applications, etc that are disabling the data connection during those hours? Its unusual for it sync manually but not automatically. Typically if it fails, it fails for all sync methods. If there is not data connection, like you disable it, or the phone is powered off, there would be no way for the sync to process. Have you tried changing the time of day it syncs? Try that and keep me posted!

Thanks so much,
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