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Battery often dies overnight after latest system update

Since I'm logged in anyway, I figured I'd ask this question:

Before the updates, I could charge up my phone, only turn it on when I needed to make a call or check something on the web, or get Market updates of apps I'd installed. 

The battery used to last several days -- sometimes 4 or 5. 

Now, however, I often can't even turn the phone on after a day or two.  I don't leave the phone powered on except when I need to use it, but there have been a lot of mornings that when I try to turn it on, the battery is dead.  I've tried two different batteries and I'm having the same problem with both.

Are there there things that run now, even when the phone is turned off??? 

I'm so frustrated, I could just spit! 

Connie in MI

Re: Battery often dies overnight after latest system update

I was experiencing the same issue.  I would charge the battery through the phone and use it during the day.  I'd check my battery level and it might read 50-60% at night. I'd turn off the phone before sleeping and then try to power it up the next morning. Nothing.  Battery was dead.  Can't say if the update to 2.3.6 is the problem.  However.I now charge the battery using a direct wall charger with the battery removed from the phone.  I use a backup battery in the meantime.  The wall charger appears to be a slow/trickle type charger that effectively charges the battery to a full charge, whereas charging the battery while in the phone doesn't seem to be as effective.  I can now go 3 sometimes 4 days with average use (for me) without having to recharge.