Blackouts and disappearing texts

This is my third Incredible 2 by HTC and I have loved, loved, loved this phone, until the last two weeks.  I never know when I'll have a phone and when not because I never know when it is going to blackout! It seems to do ok as long as it is plugged up to the wall charger, unplugged, all bets are off.  And there is no rhyme or reason to the blackouts: I could be trying to make a phone call, taking a photo, playing music, or trying to access an app.  My son thought it was because I had too much data stored on the phone so I performed a rather intense purge and moved almost everything to the memory card, uninstalled apps, deleted photos, etc.  The latest, tonight, is probably the end of my love affair with this phone: when it came back on, all of my text messages, except two, both months old, are gone.  Just gone.  One message each from two contacts.  Each contact had at least 200 messages, and there were at least a dozen others with just as many.   Any suggestions?  Especially on recovering my text messages.  I've tried a hard reset, I've checked the settings and found nothing of any help.

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Hello PJ1958, a working phone is super important! Let's get to the bottom of this together. Is there any physical or water damage on the phone? When was the purchase date so we can review warranty details on replacement? Are you registered for Integrated Messaging? If so, all of your text messages would be backed up and can sync back to the phone. View details here:

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