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Bootloader problem!

To start off, my droid x is broken. but you guys sent me your re-certified phone so I can send this one back in to you guys.

While I was trying to update to the latest software update, the phone shut off and tried to restart it seems like. Well, when it tried to restart, it gives me a crazy Bootloader 30.04 error and gives me a bunch of other stuff that doesn't make any sense. Well, I looked all over the internet trying to find a way to fix it and nothing worked. I tried a guide from the Verizon forums that said to "SBF" it and that didn't work. So that's when I called you guys.

PLEASE NOTE: this phone was NEVER jailbroken or hacked!

This seems to be a fairly common problem with other droid x users.

Also, the phone has had horribly weak wi-fi signal strength. could that have affected it?

I am going to send the phone in, but I reaaaallyyyy don't want to be charged nearly 300 bucks for a problem that was caused by the phone or a software update.

Also, I lost a bunch of contacts and pictures also.. so I'm really not too happy, I'm glad I got the new phone back, but its still rather annoying.

So, PLEASE help!

And thanks,


Bootloader problem!

As an Edit:

Verizon sent me the "Certified" Droid X on tuesday. (2 days ago) Well, I noticed that the screen kind of flickers while not doing anything. Like at the home screen.

Well, I figured, no big deal, well after I got back from a walk with family this morning, I tried to send a text, and 3/4s of the screen was flickering while I was typing!

Called Verizon while making breakfast and they are replacing it.

They were out of stock for the DX, and said they could sub it out or I'd wait a few weeks to get a new phone. I chose to sub it out.

They are replacing it for the Droid Incredible 2 by HTC.

It seems this is a better phone and they are giving me free overnight shipping.

Did I do the right thing everyone???

Re: Bootloader problem!

Battery life won't be anything to write home about with it being an HTC but seems like a good trade to me.