Bottom Buttons on Droid do not work
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I have had this problem for quite some time now that my 'back' buton on the bottom of my Droid 2 doesn't work. It also has spread to the actual touch screen itself and it seems as though all of the area of the touch screen in a vertical line from the back button doesn't respond anymore. I went to the verizon store where I received the answer that I will have to buy a refurbished phone since I am not due for an upgrade yet. I am wondering why they think I would want a used version of the same product which I am having problems with even though I bought it brand new? Just the other day my menu button went out as well (the one with the 4 boxes). I have read that other people have these problems and have tried factory restore twice and checking all airplane mode settings etc. Does anyone have any other suggestions? It is rather frustrating that verizon doesn't help its already paying customers. Does anyone maybe have any suggestions on other networks that are more reliable and helpful?

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Sheehan25, I hate that you’re having these problems with your Droid device!  I am here to help!  I just need a little more information.  Which model Droid do you have?  Are you outside of the 1 year manufacturer’s warranty, or has the device been wet or physically damaged?  Let me know so I can further assist.  Thanks!

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