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Bugs not mentioned on the fix list

I've had bugs with my Bionic that don't appear to  be getting addressed in this update.  Here are a few off the top:


Car Dock

Can't use Music Beta as player... I can set it as default player in regular mode, but to play my Music Beta music, I have to exit to the home screen and launch the app.  Even then, the pause, fast forward, etc. buttons do not control Beta.  Worked fine with my old Droid X.  I stopped keeping music on my phone once Beta came out, because I have all my songs in the Google cloud.  Why take up space on my SD?  Please allow Beta to be functional in the car dock.


Also in car dock mode, can't turn off the feature that reads out your text messages to you.  What if I'm in the car with other people and I don't want them hearing my messages?  There is no way to disable this feature!


Also in car dock, voice commands does not work.  Its as if the phone just isnt recognizing that I'm speaking, and keeps telling me to speak.  Then it locks up and the voice command button no longer works anymore until battery pull!  What good is that?





At work we have a Cisco phone system.  When you get a VM, a copy gets sent to your inbox of your email and you can listen from there.  I was always able to open and play these voicemail files (WAV files) on my Droid X.  Since I upgraded to Bionic, my phone no longer can support and play these .WAV files.  The preview button doesn't work at all it just fails right from the start.  If I hit the download button at least it tries a little harder to play it, but fails.  I've even tried playing with a 3rd party app Rock Player, and you hear about .01 seconds worth of a voicemail and then sound scambles and cuts out.  Seems like no Codec to play WAVs to me...  Would love to be able to play my VMs again from an email in the Gmail app.




I sware, sometimes my phone's vibrate just doesn't seem to want to work.  Its almost as if its muted, but the phone is set to always vibrate.  




Sometimes the browser just becomes unresponsive.  You type a URL, hit enter, and nothing happens.  The status bar doesn't start crawling as if it is loading a page...nada.  Usually have to close all browser windows and start over or even do a task kill.



The webtop browser sucks!  I see that they are fixing many memory issues, but this is one of the features that really sold me on this phone (and on the $100+ accessory).  Open a webpage with a video and watch the memory run low and crash the "PC grade Firefox", or just watch the video flicker images as if a slide show rather than a smooth video.  This phone has PC-type specs when it comes to RAM and CPU, why can't it render a simple Youtube page without a hitch?  The 2001 desktops at work play videos smoother.  If you use the Youtube app on the phone portion of webtop, it runs much better... but not every video I want to watch is on Youtube.  Switch it to 1080p mode on a youtube video and forget about it.  Painful to watch.  They made it seem like this thing was going to replace the hookup I used to have of my PC connecting directly to my TV for web browsing.  This webtop browser is definitely not "PC grade".


Thats all that comes to mind, but some things to be considered before the Ice Cream Sandwich update following the upcoming update.

Re: Bugs not mentioned on the fix list


I've also had the phone complete reboot on me in the middle of using Navigation to get me to my destination, and have to wait for it to boot back up and enter the destination again.  I've literally had to pull over once and wait for this process. 


Has anybody had any of these issues with their Bionic?

Re: Bugs not mentioned on the fix list

I did have the phone reboot while using Navigator, but it was in the first week I had my phone. I haven't had it happen since, and I use Nav quite a bit for business and commuting.