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Calendar Syncing w Exchange

I am having two probelms with my calendar syncing, the first being the more important of the two:


1) When I schedule appoints on my Andriod Incredible, using my exchange calendar, they do not appear on my computer exchange calendar. Ever. They continue to appear on my phone exchange calendar, but never sync over to the computer, even after a forced sync. How do I make appointments scheduled on my phone appear on my computer calendar? The appointments scheduled on the phone also do not copy over to google (which does make sense, since they are not copying over to my exchange calendar on teh computer, and the computer calendar is syncing with google calendar).


2) When I change notes in an exchange appointment from the computer, the updated notes do not sync over to the phone. I have developed a workabout go-around by syncing my exchange calendar with my google calendar and then simply checking my google calendar as well as my exchange. While this is not ideal, and I would LOVE to avoid it, it is a suitable fix for right now.


I have deleted exchange from my phone and reinstalled it twice - this does not fix either problem. Please do not suggest wiping exchange off the phone, as this does not work.


Thanks in advance for you advise!

Re: Calendar Syncing w Exchange
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

I think the issue is because you are confusing the Google account as a exchange server and this isnt how it is configured, google is set to use the HTLM connection  configuration which means that the emails are not in realtime but pushed on a scheldule retrieval time... 


A exchange server would be more like a work email account the runs their own network email client and as for the appointments being pushed to a active sync appointment are not alloed be most servers without a secure accees point for security reasons because the information is synced with gMail and for a exchange server to access this data it would have to allow gmail to access data from the corporate server.


If you want the appointment synced with a desktop email client you can use


Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook


CompanionLink from