Call feature not functioning but texts works?

Calling feature on my Motorola Droid Ultra not working, can still text but when a call comes in the phone does not ring and if they leave a voicemail I cannot hear anything when I play it back. If I call out I can hear nothing, but the call goes through.

Re: Call feature not functioning but texts works?
Customer Service Rep

In this situation you must first determine if the problem is due to software, settings, or hardware. Fist check your settings and make sure the device is not on silent or do not disturb mode with the volume turned up adequately. After that, make sure your software is up to date with the latest version. As for your hardware, does the earpiece make any sound at all even from other services like automated systems or a test call (#832). You can also see if you are able to hear them in speakerphone mode, as it uses a different speaker on the device.


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