Camera stopped working
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Ok, so mine just started two days ago, the same black screen after the camera button is pressed.  Nothing seems to work, this seems like a corrupt software issue and I wonder if I try to update if it will kill the phone.

Re: Camera stopped working
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I want to see if I can help with your camera issue. Does this happen everytime you use the camera? I would suggest a few things first. First, try clearing your camera cache. Go to Settings>Applications>Manage Applications>All>Camera>Clear Data/Cache/Force Stop.


If it is not working after that, I would suggest booting the phone into safe mode to see if the camera works. Safe mode disables 3rd party applications. If the camera works in safe mode, it may be an application installed causing this issue. If it does not work in safe mode, it is something in the software or hardware and you should do a factory reset. To boot into safe mode, first power the phone off.  Then slide the keyboard open, Press the power button, then press and hold the OK button on the keyboard while the phone is booting up. Once it gets to the main screen you will see safe mode at the bottom. 

Re: Camera stopped working
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i had the same issue.  clearing the cache is what solved my issue.  thank you