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Can't edit contacts Droid X

Since the new Droid X OS pushed out in Fall 2011, I can no longer edit contacts and have the new info display.   I'm a doctor, my phone has a blocked caller ID, I don't want patients getting my cell number when I return calls at night when I'm on call for the practice.  For friends, I like to have both the unblock code for calling and the plain number for texting show up in the contact list.   E.g. *82-800-555-1212 and 800-555-1212.  I used to be able to do this.  The older contacts, from before the new OS, will display as many numbers as I originally entered when creating the contact.  Now, if I add a number to a contact, it will always be there under the edit screen but it will not display when viewing the contact normally.  If I add a new contact, I can only have one number display.  I've been round and round with VZ tech support, they have been great and tried hard.   They even sent out a new phone.  I've wiped the OS, reinstalled it, no luck.  There is nothing in the VZ tech support intranet database about this problem.  I've searched this forum.

It does not matter which version of the number I'm trying to add, nor how I designate it (Home, work, other etc).  It doesn't matter if I add it in Gmail contacts. 

I'm about to get a new phone (probably a Droid Razr Maxx)  I'm worried this problem will carry over to the new phone.   I think it's a problem with Gmail, or backup assistant, or Facebook, but there's no response when I email Gmail or Facebook about it.   It's really driving me nuts.  Any help greatly appreciated.

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Re: Can't edit contacts Droid X

sounds like you need 2 phones

you know it works the same way for your patients, they like to see who's calling.

i remember back in the old days before verizon/gte, you could use a pause, guess things changed as the phones got smarter.


my wife won't answer calls on her cell or the home phone if it shows restricted.


if i don't want someone/company to see my caller id, i add *67 to the front of the number being called from either my cell or home phone.