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Can you use a non-Verizon USA Prepaid SIM card in a HTC Incredible 2?

I've investigated this forum,and others on the web and there is some confusion to the right answer to my question. I also got different answers from Verizon support. So here's my particular situation.

I renewed my Verizon plan that included a new Motorola RAZR Max HD several months ago to replace my HTC Incredible 2 .I have successfully used my new Motorola phone with overseas SIM cards.

After having the HTC unlocked, I was able to successfully use the HTC phone overseas with various foreign SIM cards. I had initially tested the phone with a USA T-Mobile SIM card with no problems.

This week I decided to give my mother the phone (mainly for pictures, etc.) and use a prepaid H2O SIM calling card. The HTC phone shows the right H2O information such as SIM & IMEI number but the telephone number is not the H2O Sim one but my old telephone number that I'm using on the Motorola.  I tried a factory reset but didn't help.

1.  Can I use non-Verizon USA SIM cards in the HTC phone?  If yes, how do I do it?

2.  If  not, why did the T-mobile one worked?

3.  If I find a way to change the phone number to my new SIM card's telephone number, will that work?

4.  I read about "rooting" a phone, will this work?

5.  Some told me that it was illegal  for Verizon to monopolize the phone. Is this true?

Thanks for the help!! Tilly Saint

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Re: Can you use a non-Verizon USA Prepaid SIM card in a HTC Incredible 2?
Customer Support

I understand it's important to obtain the correct information tillysaint, and I'm happy to help you. The device is designed to work on our network. If the software was altered to work on the network you mentioned, some service and features are not available. In addition, the network you're trying to use may not be compatible with H20. The phone is a 3G phone which means if the network you want to use is on GSM, this will not work.

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