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Cannot unpair Bluetooth connection


I have a VW Golf with Bluetooth connectivity. I've used it without issues for a couple of months already with my Droid Charge, until yesterday. I was on a call and pressed the home button on the phone when the call dropped and Bluetooth stopped working correctly. My car claimed that it could see my phone, but that a "connection is not possible" with it. I tried resetting my phone and turning Bluetooth on and off to no avail. I attempted to unpair my phone from my car to see if resetting the link would help, but I found that I cannot unpair my Charge from "VW Phone." Every time I long press "VW Phone" to unpair the connection, nothing happens, and the phone remains "paired." How can I unpair my phone? Or better yet, how can I get Bluetooth working again with my car?


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Re: Cannot unpair Bluetooth connection
Verizon Employee

Hi Petrivka,

I use a Bluetooth device constantly and I can relate to your need for your Bluetooth devices to pair and work as expected all the time. First let me address your concerns about how to unpair your devices. To unpair your devices simply turn Bluetooth off; from the home screen, sweep your finger downward to display the notification panel then touch Bluetooth to turn feature off. More on Bluetooth pairing/unparing can be found on page 80 of your User Guide.

As for the proper pairing and connectivity with your VW Golf, please check first for full compatibility of your car with your mobile phone at this LINK. Keep in mind that while most Bluetooth devices will have some level of connectivity due to the Bluetooth technology they share, only devices confirmed as fully compatible by your car manufacturer will perform correctly with your car.

If you prefer, please post your car model details and I will check for full compatibility for you.


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