Continuous reboot after the Welcome screen appears

My Bionic has been rebooting continuously. It appears to boot up fine through the Motorola splash screen and the boot animation. It will reach the Welcome screen and request to select the Language for the phone. Once you select 'Start' a message appears the states the it will take a few minutes to complete. During this the phone will shut off and reboot. This has been an issue now for a few weeks. Have tried Safe mode, Factory reset, Clearing the cache, Removing the battery, Replacing the battery, Removing/Replacing the SIM, Removing the SDCard. Nothing

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Customer Service Rep

I'm really sorry to hear about the problems encountered with your phone, rippinimage. I certainly can understand the importance of having a reliable phone and that's what I want you to have.

To be honest, you've already completed many of the initials steps I would take to resolve an issue like the one you described. As a result, we have two options: 1. Replace your phone under the warranty program. 2. You have the option to file an insurance claim and replace your phone...

If your phone was purchased in the last 12 months, it's still under warranty. If this describes your situation, please follow me (ChaunceyM_VZW) and send a direct message that includes a contact number. I look forward to speaking with you. Have a great day.


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