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DNLA since update

my phone didn't update itself to ice cream but the young kid at the verizon store suggested I do so yesterday. Ever since I did I have this media app DNLA that i can't get rid of, I shut it down, it turns itself back on, I shut ti down again and clear the cache, it starts back up again all on its own. I don't have it set to automatically come on, apparently I can't turn it off, and it seems to be part of the OS now where before the update once I shut it down that was the end of it, it eats battery juice like there's no tomorrow, any ideas how to get rid of it?

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Re: DNLA since update
Customer Support

Hello to you Bhudha!

Let's stop this DNLA app from being a battery juice monster! DNLA is generally used over Wi-Fi to share & play media. Do you know if you have anything sync'd up with your phone to share media like music?

Are there any other applications on the phone that may be syncing or sharing music wirelessly?

Please advise!


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