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DROID X (Unable To Get or Send Text or Pic Messages)

So this whole weekend (Friday-Now and ongoing) Ive not been able to get my texts in a timely manner...theyre delayed several hours and only way i get them is if im on a call and they all flood in clusters at a time or if i call and complain to verizon tech support and they have me do one of thier "troubleshoots".

This is rather annoying. heres what Ive done so far:

took battery out for a few seconds and replaced and rebooted

turned phone off then on again

did a checkin (dialed *#*#checkin#*#*) from droid x and checkin suceeded

dialed *228 option 1

dialed *228 option 2

killed all tasks running

did a reprogramming step by step by a verizon rep over the phone

did a factory reset (losing all my things) cause a verizon rep told me itd work

reformatted my sd card in a last ditch effort thinking it was somehow messing me up

uninstalled sms replacement apps

did a manual reprogramming of the MEID and all that other good stuff

none of this has worked im sure i did more but i cant recall. i am in the city of cary in nc. this issue is only when im home, whenever i leave to go to a friends place or the store all the texts people have sent me hours before start to flood in again. when im near or at home nothing. ive never had an issue with signal at home. i find this ridiculous we are paying so much a month for what now seems to be faulty service. ive now called them 6 times since friday and all they say is there is a "ticket" put out there and itll get resolved. but here it is my birthday sucked cause i couldnt get my texts and stuck staring at my phone bill wondering if all this money we pay is even worth it anymore.

ive never lost faith in verizon as i have now. if something is not done soon i am considering saving the money to terminate my part of the line and go to another carrier.

i dont want it to end this way but i feel like our issue is being ignored and we are not being taken seriously.

does anybody here know any actual solutions on how to get my signal to be picked up?

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Re: DROID X (Unable To Get or Send Text or Pic Messages)
Verizon Employee

Hello evilvampbabe,

Since you mentioned that this issue is only happening on your home location and it's surroundings, that makes me think that the issue is indeed network-related. Have you received word back about the ticket that was issued? Has there been a resolution or an update?

I have reviewed the coverage in Cary, NC, so I see that it is an area that is covered well. You can find our link to show coverage by visiting:

This will show you the coverage in your area and will allow you to also see that your issue is most likely network-related. A good recommendation would be to power the phone off/on once or twice a day, in order to keep the registration fresh in the network. This can be compared to your computer in the way that if it is never logged off, there are delays and errors in it's performance. Powering the phone off and then back on (after only about 30 seconds), you may find that this issue is resolved. You mentioned that you have completed many many troubleshooting steps. I did want to include this step, since I myself find it useful.

Please reply with any updates to this ticket and let me know the status. Thank you very much,

Christina B

VZW Support

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Re: DROID X (Unable To Get or Send Text or Pic Messages)

Have you Verified the battery saver or data connection settings? I have found sometimes during a factory restore the battery saver will be activated and the data is turned off or under a controlled time schedule. Check battery profile in the settings menu

Re: DROID X (Unable To Get or Send Text or Pic Messages)
Verizon Employee

Good morning evilvampbabe,

I'm reaching out to you to verify if the delayed text messaging issue has been resolved for you. If not then I would like to investigate this for you. I can start by checking the status of the ticket that you were advised about. If you have a ticket number then I can expedite the process. If not then that's ok. I'd be happy to review your account to get the ticket number for you. If you would be so kind to respond to this message then I can get started right away.

Thank you...


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