Deleting "Manage Address History"

I wanted to know if there was a way to delete the manage address history.I have a verizon email account and when i go to my email and select settings there is an opetion there to "manage address history" and it shows email address that i have never even sent and email to also i see emails that i have designated as spam there also that I know i selected as spam in my verizon email account there has to be a way to delete this stuff other that selecting them one at a time and delete.I mean how would spam addresses get there also because I do get a lot of spam that verizon customer service did tell me was a know issue

Re: Deleting "Manage Address History"

I feel your pain. I've made elevated Tech calls to Verizon and Motorola and no one will admit this is a problem.

Very frustrating to have all these unlnown email addresses added to your cache with no way to delete them other than one by one. And only to have 100 reappear one week later. 

Absolutely stupid on Motorola's part to not be able to turn off this feature.

Another dumb one? How about that you can't change your voicemail phone number to include pauses & your password. Because of that you have to enter your password manually half the time on your own voicemail.

Very frustrating that they have not fixed this.

Re: Deleting "Manage Address History"
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Hey BigSteve1,

Thanks for your post on the voicemail password. You actually can create a voicemail contact that incorporates your password. I can tell you that it makes it much easier to call voicemail!

Create a voicemail contact from your contact list with the following phone number entered:  *86,,,XXXX#1

Here are the exact steps to edit the voicemail contact.
*86 = voice mail.
,,, = each ',' is a pause; 2 or 3 should suffice.
XXXX = your passcode (i.e. 1234)
# = terminate the passcode.
1 = starts the voice mail right away; otherwise, you will be prompted for a menu selection.

If you don't see the options for "," in your entry keypad, click on "Sym" or "Symbol" to change to add teh pause. This should then work calling speed dial 1 or from your contacts! Happy voicemailing!

Thank you
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Re: Deleting "Manage Address History"

Hi Michelle,

Thanks for getting back to me. I already did set up exactly what you explained below. But I was referring to the VOICEMAIL ICON that is on my Bionic; you can't change that to include your password. When you do, it clearly tells you that you cannot change that factory setting. So, if your icon tells you that you have 3 new voicemails, you cannot simply click on that icon without having to eventually enter your password. Not a life changing problem, but just ANOTHER dopey Droid glitch that makes owning these phones a hassle.

I'd really like to find out why this phone insists on storing email addresses of people I do not want. You cannot turn this feature off in "Manage Address History". And you can't delete them all at once; you have to delete each name one by one by one by one......only to have them all eventually reappear as time goes on. It would be nice if Motorola addressed this. Seeing the web, enough people are unhappy about this.


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