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Desperate and hopeless...isn't this against the law???

I give up! I don't understand why verizon contuously makes mistakes on my bill? when I call to discuss the additional charges they agree as to the refund however I NEVER RECEIVE IT> I have been paying over 3000.00 in verizon cell phone bills in the past 14 months when all I have are 2  active cell unlimited share plans for approx. 42.40each and additional 60.00 for the line access charge and 1 home line for 20.a mo ending 7789. NOTHING ELSE the other lines 0109 and 2548 were suspended due a line that verizon told me to buy so i could replace my 8317 cell. my contract was not due for an upgrade and they said it was the cheapest route so that number doest even have a phone attached to th enumber because verizon transferred that phone to 8317 calls so 01096 was to be 0 charge since april 2012 to last month .the 2548 which i disconnefcted last month as well was a internet broadband since 2009 i think and we lost the transmitter so it has never been in much use however verizon also billed it cont. along with 0109 as a phone line which is irrelevant because if you check those 2 lines have never been in use of ANY OUTGOING CALLS OR INCOMMING AT ALL EVER but verizon keeps defaults those 2 accts as active chargeing me the max amt posibble. my bills should only be approx 160 and thats being generous!!! verizon states they will make  the perm. changes and the refund will show in my next bill however I am still waiting for my refund and i keep getting the run around!!! I have lost my job and my husband had gotten a cut back i have 6 kids 4 of my own and 2 i took took over gaurdianship I dont have money to throw away on mistakes I and i def. do not have any more to play with....I  have 6 kids to feed not incl myself and my husband. I was diagnosed with a terminal disease and I cant afford any more oops!! I cant even pay for medical bills because i need my phones on so i can get a hold of my specialist and vice versa. I cant miss my drs call if they have a transplant i cant miss that call!! Do you understand what I am tryimg to say? I need my cell lines on but I cant get charged ridiculous fees any more...Pls HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need my money back!! I cant wait anymore thaey tell to pay the amt and i will recieve a credit for the next bill so the recommend for me not to pay the next bill but when i do that i get an additiomal late fee charged on my next bill with no changes made actually an increase on some lines. there are a few month sfor example feb/march bill and jan/feb bill dec/jan bills are appprox 154.-159.acceptable and grateful to pay. however i get bills like june/july, may/june, april/may,march/april where my monthly bills range from 160-over 310. which leaves me a statement balance of at times as high as 556.02 in june and 437.30 in july. keep in mind all my pymet are over my approx 150 pymt twhich is my perm. charges. as you can see in bill history I have even paid 2xamonth both over the amts for example in july I paid 181.14 on 7/3 and 246.31 on 7/1. Why when i just paid 300.on 6/3. Isn't this against the law??? Does anyone know who should I address my cont. issue about that will actually help me?
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Re: Desperate and hopeless...isn't this against the law???
Customer Support

Wow! That's quite of bit of information. I can clearly sense the level of frustration and dissatisfaction. Our goal is, has been, and always will be to provide you, our customer, the absolute BEST customer service in the world. Based on this posting, the ball was certainly dropped. Please allow me to make this right for you. If you can be so kind as to send me a private message with your full name, mobile number, and a 2-3 sentence summary of the issue then we can partner together and get this resolved once and for all.

Thank you...

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