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Did a factory reset on Droid 2 Global, now the SMS system is screwed up!


I have had my Droid 2 Global for about a year now (it was a replacement phone for a faulty Droid 2). This thing has just been a slew of headaches for me.

Most recently, whenever the device gets warm to the touch (no where near hot, just a little warm from use) it refuses to charge! Which means I cannot use it to stream music or use the GPS in a car, despite having a car charger, or else the battery will drain down in about an hour or two.

I decided that I'd do a factory reset to try and fix the issue. Now the phone runs smoother, but it still gets warm and refuses to charge. On top of this, now my texting seems to be all sorts of screwed up. Even with full bars, my text messages will refuse to send. I notice this happens even more if I'm about to receive a text message while sending one - not that I know when I'm about to be texted.

Does anyone have similar issues that they've resolved? I am really upset that I have to deal with this phone until summer. I don't think I'll ever buy another Motorola phone.


Ian Z

Re: Did a factory reset on Droid 2 Global, now the SMS system is screwed up!
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Hello Ian,

Thank you for taking care of the necessary troubleshooting already! The charging issue seems to be hardware related, especially if you have tried different chargers. We would normally recommend a hard reset for the text issues, but you have already done that. At this point, we would want to review your replacement options. There are a couple of ways you can contact us for this. You can send me a direct message here, contact us on Twitter @VZWSupport, or call our customer service department at 1-800-922-0204. If you send me a direct message, please include your mobile number and full name. We can make sure you have a working phone!

Thank you!

Katie H

VZW Support

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Re: Did a factory reset on Droid 2 Global, now the SMS system is screwed up!

Hello I also have a refurburbished droid 2 global for roughly a month after after receiving a original may 2011 and getting replacement march 2012 and i am having a terrible screen glitch where the phone is not even functional and it drives me insane it dislike some is mashing and swiping all over my phone and I cannot even use it. I got the replacement from the verizon I got phone from in niles,il where i live, however i am away at college and the verizon in waukesha refused to help me what so ever all they said was to take battery out a lot and the problems will be gone however I have done that the past week and the problems have only got worse. I have done some research and this seems to be a common problem with the droid 2 global and i can not deal with it because i need my phone on a daily basis and there are times i need to respond to people and cannot due the phone being faultily. I feel like the droid 2 global because it is the same problem. On top of it all the refurbished phone i got had a bad keyboard because the a button needs to be smashed in order for it to work and the people at the store showed no interest in helping me and that is a disgrace because my parents pay almost $300 a month for terrible customer service. The only reason i got this phone in the first place was for the physical keyboard that is convent but i can not even use it with a faulty screen, what can I to get a new phone because I feel like canceling and getting a new service with this bad customer service and bad quality of phone.

Thank You