Droid 1 won't unlock

Earlier today I dropped my phone, but nothing cracked or broke and it looks just fine. I've used it since then, too. But I just got a text and when I went to slid the bar over to unlock my phone, it won't slide. It starts to move and it vibrates, but it won't slide all the way and thus my phone stays locked. I've restarted it a few times, pulled the battery out and let it sit, and it still won't unlock.

Anybody have any solutions/advise? It's really bugging me just watching the notification light blink and I can't check it 😠

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Good morning kelsietrunnell.

I know it can be upsetting to have content in your phone that you need to access, but cannot.  Let's try to figure this out, and hope it didn't get internally damaged with the fall.  Are you still unable to unlock your phone?  Are you able to answer it if it rings, or place phone calls?  Since you have already tried restarting and pulling the battery, the next best option is a Hard Reset.  You may have to use the Alternate Method if you're still unable to use the keys on your phone. 

If you still cannot use the phone, please send me a Direct Message, and I will be happy to personally assist you further.

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While the phone may look fine on the outside, something could have been damaged internally, causing the touchscreen to not work properly.  If a connection was loosened, it may have worked fine for a little while and became disconnected after a while.  As suggested, the only other thing to try (from a software point of view) is a hard reset.  Personally, I don't think that will solve it, but it's worth a shot.