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Droid 2 - 4 replacements in 12 months

Does anyone else have issue with the quality of the Droid 2? Currently my phone touch sc) een is unresponsive,  it starts jumping around on Google or??  somewhere... It downloaded 3 books .. I have never used app... when I am finally able to dial,  it connects.. then hangs up and redials... hangs up..etc etc.. only way I can make it stop is by taking battery out...  It even dialed when it was laying on table... while I was on other room on a land line with their customer support... (dialed 611..  thank goodness).

I purchased new Droid 2  Nov 2010.  I had 4 replacements between Nov 2010 until Aug 2011...  Replacements from Verizon were all refurbished....   I began having issues with the latest one in Dec. 2011 and called Verizon Support in Early January 2012...  You guessed it.. since it was over 12 months since original purchase... no warranty... even though this current phone was less then 5 months old... 

I contacted Motorola...  initial response was basically too bad.. if you want it repaired send it in and pay cost...  Customer Service ended up offering to repair phone for free if I would send it in... but they would not furnish a loaner phone for the 2 to 3 weeks my phone was being repaired.. Verizon also would not furinsh loaner....

It sure seems funny ,  Verizon and Motorola were happy to take my $$s ( I have 4 on contract -3 Motorolas-) but when it comes time to stand behind a poorly built phone... the customer is on their own.. 

So questions are -

Am I only one having issues with Droid 2?

Have any of you had this kind of treatment from Motorola?

Have any of you had similiar treatment from Verizon?

Any suggestions for other carrier and cell phone manufacture?     

Re: Droid 2 - 4 replacements in 12 months

HI Jerry,

Today verizon will be sending me my 3rd droid 2 in 6 months. The droid was a replacement ( an exception) due to 3 bad lg ally's. Within the 1st month the ally had issues. After 3 I fought for something else. I should have went back to my 5 yr old venus. The droid gets hot, screen freezes, updates and downloads whatever if feels like and moves my widgets. I have never tried calling motorola. Im so over it. Im trying ebay for something else. I know people with other style droids and they seem to be fine. Verizon doesnt seem to care that the phone loses all its stuff, resets it self or burns your ear, and if it gets stuck: just take the battery out..Who cares if you cracked your case trying to get it off. Im sorry to say the Droid 2 is a terrible phone. A friend told me NOT to get it. I didnt listen Smiley Sad good luck to you! I will post when my replacement droid is up and running.. I wonder if this one will work? The screen went black on me. I gotta say tho, Verizon didnt argue like they usually do. One guy asked me if I was calling him from it. REALLY? DUDE? its broke? LOL...Have a good one..We should all go back to our "dumb" phones. I am using a 5 yr old Razor. It still works!

Re: Droid 2 - 4 replacements in 12 months

I had issued with my droid 2 too. I purchased it back when it was a newer phone in 2010. I thankfully got it new so it had the entire year worth of manufacturer warranty and purchased the insurance for the phone. (If I was gonna spend $300 on a phone, I was definitely gonna make sure it was insured.)

I ended up having it replaced 3 times within the first year. By the time I hit phone #4 that was defunct I politely (being rude and mean does not work when you are asking someone for help) called tech again and let them know I already did all the standard troubleshooting they had be do before and requested that they send me a refurb'd version of a different phone - I didn't demand a certain one or anything. Just simply requested if they could send a different model. They did offer me a few different device options since my account was in good standing. I picked the droid 3 and I HAVE LOVED IT. I have not once had an issue besides the GPS being tempermental every once in a while.

I would see if they could look into sending you a refurb of a different model.