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Droid 2 Freezing and Perfoming Unrequested Tasks

My Droid 2 has been replaced numerous times and I am getting overly frustrated.  I am sick and tired of it always freezing when I am trying to send texts or perform tasks.  It also will perform tasks when I am not trying to do that task.  My phone will start texting or typing randomly without me even touching the phone.  It has sent and continues to send previous text messages to my contacts.  My phone will also start vibrating randomly when I do not have the vibrating setting on.  It drops calls and even maintains calls with clicking noises.  The phone will even turn back on after I have powered it off for meetings and class.  Applications will also quit on me.

I have been a committed customer, along with my family and friends, to Verizon for several years and with the lack of assistance I have truly gotten in helping to resolve this dilemma, I am truly considering moving to a new company.  I am tired of having to do hard resets and call customer service just to get the same thing over and over.  I wiped out my SD card to see if that was the issue, and the phone is still acting crazy.  I cannot believe how Verizon has been of very little use in helping to correct this problem or identify the root cause.

Re: Droid 2 Freezing and Perfoming Unrequested Tasks

I have a Droid 2 with  version 2.3.3 android software.I have been having the same problem! My phone has been making calls by itself, pushing buttons while its on the call, typing text msgs, etc this past weekend. I have no control of the touchscreen or buttons once it starts. The left side of screen from the edge of phone to home key does not work, including my settings key. Very frustrated, paying for service on a phone that is hardly operational at this point.