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Droid 2 Global - draining fast.

My Droid 2 Global battery seems fine for hours, until I try to use it.  Then if I'm doing ANYTHING on the phone, it's completely dead in about an hour.  I uninstalled a ton of apps recently but no improvement, I can't figure out what is causing this.  I have a battery app installed that says the battery is healthy but I'm not sure how much those can be trusted. For the longest time my phone has on a rare occasion gone haywire where it starts to do things on its own as well.  Another thing it does more frequently is freeze up so I have to hit power and unlock it again to get it responding.  Maybe those clues will help with the diagnosis.

I was going to try rebooting in safe mode off another discussion but the instructions didn't make sense for this particular phone.  Please, someone help!

Thank you,


Re: Droid 2 Global - draining fast.
Customer Support

Hey there icbarefoot. It sounds like your Droid 2 Global is acting up in its old age and I absolutely want to help revive it.

Safe mode is a step in the right direction.  It will help us determine if the issue is being caused by a third party application. For steps on how to put your device in safe mode please visit,

If the issue still occurs in safe mode, the next step would to complete a master reset on the device to put it back to its default settings. For steps on how to complete a master reset please visit,

Please keep us updated with results.

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