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Droid 2 Global screen issues

My Droid 2 Global, which used to be the best phone ever btw, has been a tremendous pain in the rear for the past 6 weeks or so and its just getting worse.

It started with some random touch screen wouldnt work problems. But normally after a battery pull it would be fine for a while. Then that developed into some "hey look what my phone is doing all by itself" problems. That was bad enough. Now the back button on the screen doesnt work and Im getting what seem like dead zones on the screen.

For the most part it seems to work fine but the screen is getting worse and worse. From what I hear everybody with this phone are having screen issues nowadays.

Is there any resolution? Will Verizon replace the phone under the warranty service? Or is Motorola stepping up to take their lumps on this one?

Or is it just easier to wait until my upgrade that is now only a couple of weeks away?

Re: Droid 2 Global screen issues
Customer Support

Hello JoulesWinfield!

Sorry to read that your phone is not behaving! I have some suggestions to get you up and running! First of all, I would recommend running the phone in safe mode to see if an app is causing the issue. The next step is a hard a reset You also have a one year warranty that comes standard with the phone. This does not cover any water or physical damage. Please let us know the results!

Katie H
VZW Support
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Re: Droid 2 Global screen issues

After experiencing the same type of touch screen problems on my D2G that everyone else is complaining about and

searching the internet for I don't know how long to find a remedy, I found a post from Katie H, VZW Support, in response to

JoulesWinfield's post.  In it she gave a link to run the phone in safe mode:, which I did.

Well, I thought I had uninstalled all the 3rd party apps, however, I found that Adobe Flash was still there. I uninstalled it, and low and behold, so far,  NO MORE PROBLEMS! Fingers crossed!  Thanks Katie H!

Debbie N