Droid 2 Global screen problems, vibrate problems, basically just a lot of problems?
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So, I've had my Droid 2 Global (Gingerbread 2.3.4) for about a year and a half, and ever since I got it I've had problems with the touchscreen. I have not rooted or customized the phone in any way, nor have I ever damaged the phone or gotten it wet.
Windows will open by themselves, the music player and maps constantly open by themselves and drain the battery, any time I'm trying to send a text the keyboard goes haywire and will send "wttttttyuuuuttt" and nonsense like that to anyone on my 'recently texted' list. It takes about 10 minutes to send a simple text because the screen won't stop shaking and displaying random letters. It's not just when I'm touching it either. I've had it call random numbers and vibrate for no reason when I'm asleep and it's on my bedside table.

I took this phone to the verizon store when I first got it, they "fixed" it, but an hour later it was back to being glitchy. I took it back, they told me to do a hard reset, it didn't help at all. I tried restarting the phone in safe mode several times (the most recent time being this morning) but the screen shaking and random apps opening issues are even worse in safe mode than in regular mode.

I was wondering if anyone else had these kind of problems, and if so, how would I go about fixing them? Honestly I'm planning on getting rid of this phone in a few weeks but if there's anything I've overlooked I want to check it out.

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I have noticed the same things happening in the 1+ year I have had this phone.  Definitely not a fan of the Droid, but I am stuck with it until upgrade time.  I notice with mine the screen 1. freezes 2. jumps around crazy 3. adds in extra letters when I am typing 4. will go the google mail screen when I am trying to write a text message. 

I have to end up taking the battery out and restarting it for the issue to correct itself.  In the meantime I have wasted how long trying to deal with this phone that has a mind of it's own.

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Hello hammerofasgard! Love the handle, by the way. I'm a Thor fan, too!!

Sounds like you've been having some very frustrating and inconvenient issues with your Droid 2 Global. I have one that I still use but have never seen the behaviors you've described (except for the battery drain, but that's something that was easily managed by just keeping a charger handy). You mentioned having taken the D2G to one of our retail locations for assistance, and that the device reverted to it's previous behavior an hour later.

I'm curious to know if the reps on our store performed a master reset (taking the device back to factory settings). If they did, did you have any of the same apps or settings restored to the device during that hour?

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