Droid 2 Touchscreen Problems

I have recently received my new replacement for my phone (my last one died), and it was working absolutely fine until last night. It began to start pressing the screen by itself, but it doesn't do it all the time. ~15% of the time my phone works completely fine, and without warning it starts spazzing out. It opened my Draw Something application, and began drawing all on it's own in a completely straight vertical line the length of my screen. I'm wondering if there is a way to re calibrate it without going into the settings or using the phone itself, because that is out of the question. I have tried doing hard restarts and factory restores, but no such luck. Any other suggestions?

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Dewgong, I rely on my phone to stay connected with family and friends so I definitely understand how important it is to have a working phone.

Are you still having issues with your phone? From what you're saying it may be a 3rd party app causing the issue. Run your phone in safe mode http://bit.ly/o5McAQ and see if the issue stops. If it does then you will need to remove all 3rd party apps and reinstall them one at a time and testing your device to find the one causing the issue.

I'm here if you need further assistance.

John B

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