Droid 3 Reboots, Looses Apps, and Front Camera will not work

Here is the situation:

YES. My DROID3 randomly reboots itself. Annoying but manageable since mine only does it every couple of days or so.

NO. I cannot seem to find any help or way to resolve this.

YES. Apps dissappear occasionally. I turn the phone off, wait a couple of minutes, turn it back on and they are usually back.

YES. My front facing camera stopped working. If I try to use it, my phone crashes then I cannot initialize the rear facing camera either until I restart it then go into the app settings for the camera and clear the data and the rear works again but now I have to set the SD card as the location for pics again everytime.

NO. I did not downoad any untrusted apps.

I hope the response I get does not say "working diligently"  or "they are aware of the issue"

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Verizon Employee

Hello saxegotha2003,

I hate that you had to go through these problems with your Motorola DROID 3.  I would like to offer assistance.

I would like to know what is the software versionnumber of your DROID 3?  If not up to date, please check for updates.  Also, have you tested the device in "Safe Mode"?  This can help determine if the problem is hardware or software related.  Please let me know the results of your testing so I can further assist.



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