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Droid 3 randomly reboot or even shutdown.

I had my Droid 3 since last Christmas. It worked very well for the first few weeks, and then the problem started. First, the phone would just freeze in the middle of a call or something else, and none of the keys work till it waked up by itself. Then, it started reboots every few days, and it could happen any time. I always use bluetooth headphone, so it happened this way, in the middle of a call, I heard "no phone connected", then I heard the annoying "droid....". Now, it is getting worse. Yesterday morning, the phone just kept reboot every few minutes, and today, it automatically shutdown from time to time.

Re: Droid 3 randomly reboot or even shutdown.
Verizon Employee

Hi thinkpad,

I feel your pain; constant rebooting is very inconvenient. It sounds like a 3rd party application conflict is causing the issues outlined on your post. If the phone worked fine the first few weeks and then started freezing and rebooting is more likely due conflicts with 3rd party applications installed on the over time.

To confirm such 3rd party conflicts please run your phone in Safe Mode for a while. If issues stop, you must identify the conflicting application(s) and remove for good. Regrettably, there is no easy way to identify the bad apple. If your phone works properly in Safe Mode I recommend to remove all 3rd party applications and install one by one testing performance for a while after each application installation. Once you identify the guilty application, remove and don't it again.

Another option is to do a Factory Reset (this removes all applications at once) and then install your 3rd party applications one at time and test before you add the next application to be able to identify the conflicting one.

Your phone is just like your home/office computer, it is not compatible with all software (applications) and some software (applications) will cause it to crash unexpectedly or run slower.


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