Droid Bionic - No Data

I have had my Droid Bionic for a year now and have had a total
of maybe a weeks worth of Data connection. I call verizon on the issue and they
beat around the bush trying to "trouble shoot" the phone. Doesnt fix
the problem. Call again and they have me go to a verizon store to swap out my
SIM card. Not only does it NOT fix the problem its even worse. I call and get
stuck on hold for up to an hour before i hang up and call back or eventually
give up. I only have "data" when Im connected through Wifi. I ask for
them to replace my phone after it took out 2 months of payment for my bill
(past due and the next months bill that was not due)

Verizon Rep:
"we havnt trouble shooted your phone fully over the phone and we can not
do this until you call us back from another phone."

"I dont have another phone I can call you from as this is my only means of
"over the phone comunication"."

Verizon Rep:
"Can you call me from your business."

" I dont know about where you work but Im not allowaed to use my business
phone for personal calls that have nothing to do with my place of

At this point she makes up excuses as to why we can't trouble
shoot the problem further. Whats funny is my phone drops the call. She calls
back and says "I dont know what happened. We seemed to have lost
connection." I told her "welcome to my world."

Ultimatly I tell her I have to now get off the phone and clock
back into work. Because I need a pay check and cant stay on the phone.

I have faithfully paid my bill for the past year and the only
times Verizon wants to get a hold of me is to collect their payment and not
help me with my phone problems. I find this criminal actions as a business
practially stealing money and not putting out what I am paying for. Some would say it Fraud.

I am fed up. If verizon doesn't find a way to fix my phone, or
refund my money I have paid them out for the past year. Im seeking legal
actions. Nobody should have to deal with this kind of serivce or lack of for
that matter. I pay for a serivce I dont receive will NOT be tolerated and Im
tired of being taken advantage of.

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Have you seen any data connection improvements after the ICS update?

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You dont have one friend that would let you use their phone for 30 mins?

Go to a store and have them do a factory reset, or and update

Most of the problems have been fixed, if you're still having data problems that is an issue with something on that phone..from the sounds if it not much has actually been done to find out or fix the problems

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Or the OP can go to the Verizon store and use their phone to call customer service.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

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A week of data in the past year is just horrible, undeadsmerph!
I would love to change that for you
There was a software update that became available in October. Did you get that? http://bit.ly/QKjDFb
Go to Settings>About Phone>System Updates

If the software is current, you should then check some settings in the phone (this is why we ask you to call from an alternate phone if possible)

1. Disable WiFI
2. Disable Airplane Mode
3. Enable data http://bit.ly/SSEM4S
4. Enable data roaming http://bit.ly/QHUO1f
5. Power the phone off/on

Let me know how it works for you.

I understand that you can only access data while on WiFi, but when WiFi is disabled, do you at least get a 3G signal?

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