Droid Bionic takes a long time to start up

Anyone else besides me having a problem with the startup of there Droid Bionic. I timed my phone to see how long it takes to start up

and I am averaging about 2 minutes for startup...but it has sometimes taken as much as 3 minutes. Verizon told me months ago that, that is normal for 4G phones because it takes longer for the 4g "handshake" or connect with it's service. I believed it for a while but it just seemed so long so I tested against my other friends. One friend has a Galaxy Nexus 4G and we both started our phones at the same time...my friend's Nexus started in less than 30 seconds, mine took more than 2 minutes to start. My brother has a Droid 4 and he turned off and restarted his phone twice while I was still starting.

Any advice other than doing a factory reset, since I have done this already. I have .905 installed on my phone but this problem was happening before that.


Re: Droid Bionic takes a long time to start up
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Hi there! I understand your concern that the device takes a few minutes to power up completely. It really depends on what type of apps are on the phone and how it needs to connect to them initially. My Nexus takes about 2 minutes to power on, but a co-workers of mine takes even longer, so it varies. I wouldn't be too concerned about it unless you notice it taking more than 6-7 minutes to power up. Keep me posted!

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Re: Droid Bionic takes a long time to start up
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Its a cellphone, it has to turn on